Lydia Hearst Nude – American Model

Lydia Marie Hearst-Shaw (born 19 September 1984) is an American socialite, fashion model, columnist, and heiress to the publishing fortune established by her maternal great-grandfather William Randolph Hearst. The 2007 Michael Awards recognized her as their Model of the Year. Lydia was also given the award of the Best International Supermodel in Madrid on the 12th of November 2008.


A daughter of kidnapping victim and publishing heiress Patricia Campbell Hearst and Bernard Shaw, she was born and raised in Wilton, Connecticut. Her father, who was her mother’s bodyguard before the couple’s marriage, is now the head of security for the Hearst Corporation.

She briefly attended the Lawrenceville School. Since graduating from Wilton High School she attended Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut where she majored in communications and technology before being discovered by fashion photographer Steven Meisel. Her first modeling assignment was for the cover of the Italian edition of Vogue.

Her professional name is Hearst, rather than Hearst-Shaw, which is on her birth certificate.

After shooting for Puma’s French 77 collection for a limited edition book called “The Last Playboys Wear Puma” Lydia teamed up in a creative partnership between Puma and Heatherette to design a high-end limited edition handbag. She has continued her partnership with Puma and is set to release a New Holiday Collection and a line of athletic gear.



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